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Sale Branding

We Help Disruptive Brands Accelerate Growth With Cutting Edge Paid Ad Strategies

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Ofuure - Award-Winning Fashion Brand

208% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within Two Months Of Working With Us


Poppy Angeloff - Fashion & Jewelry Brand

875% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within The First Month Of Working With Us


VYZR Technologies - Tech Brand

367% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within The First Month Of Working With Us


Brushean - Makeup Sanitizer Brand

356% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within The First Month Of Working With Us

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Civant - Skincare Brand

489% Increase In Revenue Within Two Weeks Of Working With Us

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By Terry - Makeup Brand

883% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within The First Month Of Working With Us

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Cali Studios - Fashion Brand

393% Increase In Monthly Revenue Within The First Two Months Of Working With Us

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Cedar Planters - Gardening Brand

212% Increase In Revenue Within The First Week Of Working With Us

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38 Clients Helped

Millions Generated For Clients

Average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5.2x

Proven And Tested Approach


Our unique ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)-based fees ensure that we get paid only when we’re making you lots of money. 

No Upfront Payment.
No Retainer Fee.
None Of That.

Just results.

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What We Offer

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee 

The same applies to business. Focus is key. Hence, here at ROI Media we only focus on paid advertising which is the single most important thing that would move the needle forward for almost any business.

Our ads specialist designs a strategy just for your brand, creates great ads and measures performance continuously. Trust us — even if you’re already running ads, chances are that Facebook and Instagram could be working a LOT harder for your brand.

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Turn Strangers Into Lifetime Customers

How are we able to do this? Well, it boils down to having well-written ad copy, eye-catching ad creatives and an irresistible offer.


Having spent millions on ads for our clients, we have gathered an insane amount of data on what works. This is how we are able to generate amazing results for all our clients because we simply know what works and what converts at scale.

Predictable ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

Businesses should have an optimised system that generates $2, $3, $10 on every $1 spent in order to scale profitably to multiple 6 and 7 figures. Here at ROI Media, we build out these systems through strategic paid traffic that allow clients to scale predictably whilst being wildly profitable

Home: About Us
Home: About Us

Performance Creative

What’s a great ad without great creative? (Spoiler: it doesn’t exist.)


Every campaign we create for your DTC/ecom brand is built on high-performing creatives, including striking visuals, compelling customer reviews, UGC and more.

Our Proven Framework

Step 1 - Audit. Research.  

We dive into your ad account and analyze your current metrics. We see what's working and what's not. In addition, we carry out competitor analysis by analyzing competitors' ads, websites (sales process) and reviews.


At this stage, our main goal is to gain as much data as possible before we start crafting high converting ads. We also identify any functional or design issues on your website that may have a negative impact on website conversion rate and provide possible solutions on how to fix them.

Next, our team will leverage your marketing content to:

  • Strategize marketing angles

  • Craft high converting ads

  • Develop promotional copy

  • Design optimized landing pages/funnels

Step 2 - Test. Analyze. Optimize. Repeat.

We don't assume. Instead, we use data to drive our decisions. We identify opportunities, double down on what's working and trim the fat (kill underperforming ads). We consistently monitor metrics and make decisions based off data.


Based off the initial ads, we can clearly see which creatives work best, which audiences are most likely to convert and which angles are working. We then launch ads that are more profitable and scalable.

We strive to improve overall performance and profitability as quickly as possible. We believe in relentless action – there’s always something that can be done to improve CTR's, reduce CPC’s, increase conversion rates and drive down customer acquisition costs.

Step 3 - Scale

Now that we have profitable ads, we can start scaling confidently. It's at this point that we start injecting high ad spend to gain profitable and predictable results. This is when you'll start seeing the $Ms roll in.

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Brands That Trust Us

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Wasn’t sure about what to expect when first starting with ROI Media, but they have been helpful and responsive to all questions and feedback I’ve had. I see new ad tests every week which has been a huge help for myself and my team and saves us so much time. All of their suggestions have resulted in a revenue lift!

Joyce Kao
Owner, Chance


Working with ROI Media has upped our marketing game and given our company the confidence to expand, secure in the knowledge that our message and product awareness are getting out to the properly targeted audience. ROI brings high level expertise with a personalized white glove touch along with full transparency into their process.


Our questions and concerns are handled swiftly and they have helped us adhere to best practices from creative assets to comment moderation. Their fee structure, which is contingent on success, is refreshing and very rarely seen in this space.  

Mark Dumbelton
Co-founder, Poppy Angeloff 

Results We Generate For Brands

$40k (ad spend) -> $624k (revenue generated) with a 15.43x ROAS. 

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$7k (ad spend) -> $151k (revenue generated) with a 20.97x ROAS. 

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$9k (ad spend) -> $137k (revenue generated) with a 14.66x ROAS. 

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$55k (ad spend) -> $303k (revenue generated) with a 5.45x ROAS. 

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$47k (ad spend) -> $246k (revenue generated) with a 5.15x ROAS. 

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$37k (ad spend) -> $212k (revenue generated) with a 5.61x ROAS. 

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Have A General Inquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to one of us, you can contact us via email at:



Who This Is For:

  • Businesses that are sick and tired of working with agencies that promise stellar results and deliver the exact opposite.

  • Businesses that have been impacted by iOS 14 update.

  • Businesses looking to increase their ROAS and decrease their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

  • ​Businesses looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority. 

  • Businesses looking to take their offline business online.

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Our Work (Post iOS 14)

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